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Carman Boswell Scholarship Application Open

Application is open for the Carman Boswell Scholarship, deadline to apply is

June 1, 2021

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The Carmen Boswell Educational Scholarship, sponsored by the The Boswell Family Charitable Foundation, was founded to assist new and continuing college and vocational students to in pursuing their educational and career and goals. This scholarship is named after a woman that valued education. Though her own academic accomplishments were limited, Carmen Boswell’s drive was rooted in ensuring that the next generation saw success through education. The Carmen Boswell College Educational Scholarship is one of several academic scholarships designed to aid underprivileged youth realize their academic dreams.

We are so excited to offer this scholarship and the legacy of education it will provide! - Michael Boswell, CEO, Boswell Family Charitable Foundation

This specific scholarship in the amount of $500 will be awarded to four (4) students well deserving students by August 1, 2020. While academic achievement is important,this scholarship is intended to recognize the whole-person concept. More specifically, community service and service to the church, and other service demonstrating Christian values are as a few of the key factors in awarding this scholarship. Additionally, the applicant’s ability to communicate is vitally important and will be assessed by review of the applicant’s personal statement (described below).

  • Scholarships are limited to graduating high school seniors accepted into a regionally-accredited college or university or accepted into a vocational or technical school students who were enrolled in a regionally-accredited college or university at the beginning of the 2020 fall semester/quarter.

  • Applicant must demonstrate a financial need as well as the determination for classroom academic, and civic achievement.

Application Criteria: All applicants must submit the following requirements no later than

June 1, 2021, for consideration.

  • One (1) copy of the completed scholarship application (See below.)

  • One (1) copy of the applicant’s official high school transcript with current GPA

  • Acceptance letter from a college, university, vocational school, or technical school.

  • If applicable, one (1) copy of the applicant’s official college, university, vocational school, or technical school transcript with current GPA.

  • Personal resume: Should include school and community involvement, service activities and leadership positions within the church and the local community, and any awards or honors receive

  • Personal statement: Applicant’s career/vocational aspirations as well as the impacts of serving the community or the church in their life. Should not exceed 1,000 words and be professional in both tone and appearance.

  • Two (2) letters of recommendation from an academic counselor or educator (e.g., teacher, professor, instructor). These letters should include the recommender relationship to the applicant as well as why he/she would be best suited for this scholarship.


About Boswell Family Charitable Foundation

The Boswell Family Charitable Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded in 2020, is based upon the conviction that an educated society is essential to a healthy one. The Foundation provides access to higher education to members of our community who otherwise would not have the financial means to fulfill their educational goals.

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