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2022-2023 BFCF Board

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Mr. Michael Boswell

Michael Boswell, the founder, and CEO of the Boswell Family Charitable Foundation. He was born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama, and is a 20-year career military officer and an Adjunct Professor for a prestigious military institution. Michael is married to his wife with five children. His educational endeavors include earning a Bachelor of Arts with honors from Auburn University at Montgomery and two Master's Degrees from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the Naval War College at Newport, RI, with honors. He is an award-winning, multi-published author in various military journals. As a young man from meager means, Michael had to find his way in the world with others' help. Having traveled the world, he genuinely believes in the American dream and the bible passage "Whatsoever You Do to the Least of My Brothers You Do unto Me" – Matthew 25: 31-46


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Dr. Scott Rogers

Vice President

Dr. Scott Rogers

Scott W. Rogers, Ph.D., P.E., is the Vice President of the foundation and a founding member. Dr. Rogers is the Environmental Coordination Engineer for the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT). Education is integral in the work that Dr. Rogers does outside of ALDOT as well. Dr. Rogers has taught physics courses as an adjunct professor at Auburn University at Montgomery. As an officer in Civil Air Patrol, the U.S. Air Force Auxiliary, he has facilitated classes and developed activities targeted for youth that discourage drug abuse, promote first aid proficiency, teach STEM concepts, and provide preparation for college success. Dr. Rogers has conducted scholarly education research that was published in the Journal of Engineering Education and is a peer reviewer for multiple academic journals. He has also peer-reviewed first aid training course materials for the American Red Cross. Dr. Rogers holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree from Auburn University in Auburn, AL, as well as M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in environmental engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA.


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Shawn Geib

Chief of Operations

Shawn Geib is the foundation's Chief of Operations and one of the founding

members of this charity. He is a career Military Officer specializing with

over 20 years of executive experience in Joint operations, Air & Missile Defense, and Space operations. He has an extensive operational 

and strategic planning background and puts that to great use within the BFCF. Shawn holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, earned a Masters of Arts in Leadership and Management from the Webster University, and a Masters in National Security and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College. Shawn's passion is in giving to others and making a difference in the world and others lives. The BFCF's vision and mission speaks to his core purpose 'to build' by providing educational opportunities for under-served youth to build their futures.


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Mr. Shawn Gieb

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Carina Harrison

Chief of Outreach (COO)

Ms. Carina Harrison

Carina Harrison, the Chief of Community Outreach. Carina was born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama, and is a 20-year career military officer. She has one daughter. Carina's educational endeavors include earning a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Auburn University at Montgomery and two Master's Degrees from Touro University in Human Resource Management and Air Command and Staff College in Military Sciences. She is committed to giving back to the community where she grew up and to ensuring that as many kids as possible have opportunities afforded to them that they would otherwise not have. 


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