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BFCF Donor of the Year: Mr. Michael McLeod

The Boswell Family Charitable Foundation is thrilled to announce Mr. Michael McLeod as our esteemed Donor of the Year. An exemplar of dedication and community spirit, Michael, a respected Department of Defense employee, has consistently demonstrated his commitment to bettering the lives of others, especially in his hometown of Sumter, South Carolina.











A Beacon of Support and Leadership: Michael's deep-rooted connection with our foundation has been a significant force in advancing our mission. His unwavering support over the years has been pivotal in funding scholarships for promising seniors, reflecting his profound belief in the transformative power of education.


The Impact of Generosity: Michael's contributions, which span monetary, time, and resources, have been instrumental in the foundation's success. He has played a crucial role in empowering the youth, laying down the pathways for their future achievements not just with the BFCF but also through various other organizations like Kappa Alpha Psi.  


A Heartfelt Philosophy: In his own reflective words, Michael's aspiration is "to continue to be a light and support those in need." This statement encapsulates his approach to philanthropy – a blend of humility, foresight, and an unyielding desire to uplift others.


A Recognition Well-Deserved: In honor of his extraordinary contributions and unwavering dedication, the Boswell Family Charitable Foundation is proud to recognize Mr. Michael McLeod as our Donor of the Year. This accolade is a small gesture compared to the immense impact he has made in our community and beyond.


The Boswell Family Charitable Foundation strives to recognize our donors in meaningful ways. It is our goal to sustain and foster lifelong relationships with you. Donor-focused stewardship programs and events allow us to nurture, engage and show our appreciation to our donors in meaningful ways. Thank you!

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