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2021 Rosa Parks Civil Rights Virtual Tour

The Boswell Family Charitable Foundation (BFCF) is pleased to announce our partnership with the Concerned Citizens Network of Alexandria (CCNA) to sponsor the 2021 Rosa Parks Civil Rights Virtual Tour for the F.C. Hammond Middle School.

The Rosa Parks Museum is an active memorial to the life of civil rights icon Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott lessons that brought racial integration to transportation and international attention to civil rights. Located in downtown Montgomery, Alabama, where Mrs. Parks was arrested, it is the nation’s only museum dedicated to Rosa Parks.

Through this tour at the Rosa Parks Museum, our deepest hope is that we will be successful at exposing the children of F.C. Hammond Middle School to the past triumphs and tragedies associated with the Civil Rights movement. This unique experience will be held from April 15 thru April 27th.

Even amid the pandemic, it is increasingly important that today's children have the opportunity to understand our past for the sake of a brighter future. If you are interested in partnering with our two organizations in the future, to please contact Mrs. Gina Bruce at or Michael Boswell at

About our organizations:

The Boswell Family Charitable Foundation provides access to higher education to members of our community who otherwise would not have the financial means to fulfill their educational goals. For more information, please visit:

The Bowman Group is a veteran-owned organization that focuses on mentoring, information technology, cybersecurity, and support to veterans and their families. For more info, please visit

The Concerned Citizens Network of Alexandria (CCNA) is a nonprofit organization committed to addressing systemic racism, educational inequities, and civic engagement. For more info, visit

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